Efficiency and cost reduction for your company

We create solutions for digitalisation, process optimization and  real traceability.

We are experts in RFID technology. We are KIWANDA.

Real traceability

Automatically register origin, processes and movements in a efficient and reliable way

Ready to eat

Take the product to the table at the best moment for its consumption.

Allows to guarantee product quality and waste reduction by 75%.

Solutions for industry 4.0

100% de inventory accuracy

Advanced quality control

We speak the same language

We will show you and teach you how this technology works using common and understandable  terms.

Without initial investment

Without permanence clause. If you are unhappy with the platform, you can leave it at any time.

Truth goes first

If an RFID based solution is not the best approach for your current needs, or in case our solution won’t  meet your expectations, we will tell you straight.


We will keep supporting you until you achieve your goals. You will enjoy on-site training and direct access to our technicians at any time.

Our history

“Kiwanda” comes from the Swahili dialect and means “Factory”.

Our mission

We work to disrupt the way companies manage their inventories

Our beliefs

As a company, we try to ensure that our principles and beliefs are reflected in all that we do.

Without initial investment
Start enjoying the advantages that we offer, and leave the solution whenever you want

Customized software for each client

We develop specialized software for logistics and inventory management purposes, integrated with RFID technologies. Our experience tells us that every customer has special needs and generic software makes no sense when it comes to working with RFID. We start from a solid base that we customize for each client with all the functionalities they need, and we integrate with most known ERPs in the market.

Specific Hardware

We work with the best partners to supply our customers with quality equipment to complete our solution. We have fixed readers, portable equipment, antennas, PDAs, RFID portals, printers… All our equipment is guaranteed, and we take care of the installation and configuration at the moment of launching the project.


Our experience and knowledge allow us to help you to select the most suitable RFID TAG for your use case. There are materials that cause interference with normal RFID tags, and in some cases the reading distance, available space or materials used for manufacturing the TAG are critical factors for the project. Let our team to advise you. We certainly have a solution for you.

Business plan

We carefully analyze the particular case of each client, in order to propose the best solution. This solution is always oriented to obtain an optimal return on investment for our clients. We win only if you win.

The most efficient way to carry out inventories in warehouses with high volume of items. Inventory time is reduced to 70% and 99% accuracy is achieved in real time.

Warehouse inventory

Patient tracking and high-value material tracking through different areas. Pharmacy  and drug trays inventory made fast and simple, optimizing product management and product expiration. The investment is recovered within the first year of use.


Accurate knowledge of existing material in all stores and warehouses. Comparative reports and graphs about material rotations. Improves omnichannel sales and logistics for ecommerce.


Optimization of the production chain, ensuring availability of just-in-time at the right place where they are needed. It also improves quality control and allows real-time errors to be corrected.


Special solution for jewellery, making it possible to identify the pieces individually, or to associate them with a specific display, which makes it much easier to work with partial inventories.


Contact info

  Address: Edificio Quercus IP
Rua Letonia, 2 – B1.6
Polígono Empresarial Costa Vella
15707 Santiago de Compostela
A Coruña – Spain

  Phone: +34 606124293

  Mail: proyectos@kiwandalabs.com

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