Our story

Kiwanda is a software and services company dedicated to solving the inventory and traceability problems of companies, to make them more competitive.

It is a great team with multidisciplinary profiles and more than 10 years of experience working with multinational companies in areas such as Digital Transformation, management software, Lean Manufacturing, Iot, Big Data and RFID technology.

Due to the problems and losses that many companies suffer in the management of their inventories, there is a clear need of solutions that allows an excellent inventory management. Kiwanda was born with the aim of solving all these problems through a global solution based on RFID technology.

Why Kiwanda? The meaning.

“Kiwanda” comes from the Swahili dialect and means “Factory”.

The road we have travelled so far has taught us that a different way of management is possible. For us, industry 4.0 is much more than a good idea.

Our mission

After an in-depth analysis of the problem of inventory deviations in small and medium-sized enterprises, we concluded that the combination of stock breakdowns and excess of stock is a problem causing millions of dollars in losses for the industry.

Our aim is to turn these figures upside down and provide a tool that allows managers to take control of their daily operations, avoiding unnecessary work, increasing the accuracy of their inventory, increasing visibility, and cutting losses to the absolute minimum.

A single person is not able to know all the inventory data in real time, in all warehouses or all stores, taking into account data from subsidiaries, franchises, online sales, problems in the supply chain or in the manufacturing process…

The technology allows you to receive accurate alerts and recommendations at the right moment, and have a real “photo” of the entire inventory at any time.

” We work to disrupt the way companies manage their inventories and product traceability”.

Our beliefs

As a company, we try to ensure that our principles and beliefs are reflected in all that we do: in every conversation with a client, in every project we face and every day in our work environment.

Truth first

Honesty is extremely important to us. We believe in establishing relationships of trust because these are the only ones which last over time.

When we study your case, we will be 100% realistic and clear in explaining to you what you can or cannot expect from RFID technology. If this technology is not the most suitable for your expecific case, we will explain it clearly and unambiguously.

Quality Commitment

Every new project is a quality commitment. We take your business as seriously as ours, so we will walk the path with you, advise you and put all our effort into ensuring that you achieve the expected results.

It is also for this reason that our software does not require an initial investment and you can quit whenever you want. We must live up to your expectations, and neither you nor we will settle for less.

Excelence in service

We offer solutions, not a product. This means that not only the quality of the software or hardware is important, but also the attention you can expect from us, the fulfillment of deadlines and technical support throughout the life cycle of the solution.

Behind our customer service line, there are people committed to their work and your concerns, not machines with pre-recorded answers.

Good manners

Good manners seem to be something that somehow have been lost today: Saying good morning, please and “thank you” costs nothing to you and is a sign of respect for the people with whom we interact. This is the minimum you can expect from us, and we expect it as well: from our employees, from our collaborators and from our customers.

Contact info

  Dirección: Edificio Quercus IP
Rua Letonia, 2 – B1.6
Polígono Empresarial Costa Vella
15707 Santiago de Compostela
A Coruña

  Teléfono: +34 676793001

  Mail: proyectos@kiwandalabs.com

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