Our mission

After an in-depth analysis of the problem of inventory deviations in small and medium-sized enterprises, we concluded that the combination of stock breakdowns and excess of stock is a problem causing millions of dollars in losses for the industry.

Our aim is to turn these figures upside down and provide a tool that allows managers to take control of their daily operations, avoiding unnecessary work, increasing the accuracy of their inventory, increasing visibility, and cutting losses to the absolute minimum.

A single person is not able to know all the inventory data in real time, in all warehouses or all stores, taking into account data from subsidiaries, franchises, online sales, problems in the supply chain or in the manufacturing process…

The technology allows you to receive accurate alerts and recommendations at the right moment, and have a real “photo” of the entire inventory at any time.

” We work to disrupt the way companies manage their inventories”.

Contact info

  Address: Edificio Quercus IP
Rua Letonia, 2 – B1.6
Polígono Empresarial Costa Vella
15707 Santiago de Compostela
A Coruña – Spain

  Phone: +34 606124293

  Mail: proyectos@kiwandalabs.com

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