The increase in population and life expectancy causes an increasing demand for food. At the same time, the need to increase quality and traceability make food industry a very competitive sector. Adoption of our solution “Kiwanda Food”, will translate in becoming more efficient, reducing waste, and increasing sales.

How can you become more competitive?

Because you will dispatcch your product at the best timing for its consumption

With our Kiwanda Food solution, you will be able to control automatically and in real time the movements of your product through ripening chambers, or cold chambers. You will be able to send fruits and vegetables at their optimum degree of ripeness, increasing customer satisfaction and increasing turnover at the point of sale.

maduración platanos

Because you will reduce waste

As you have complete control of the current status of each product, you can set alerts when they exceed certain thresholds of temperature, humidity or time at the camera, and thus you can make and active control which will allow you to significantly reduce your waste.

This applies not only to your facilities but also transportation. We have mechanisms to keep traceability of the cold chain during transport and ensure that everything is perfect, until the product reaches the consumer.

food waste

Because you will keep traceability from origin to the consumer (digital and accurate)

The use of RFID technology is a guarantee of quality and accuracy in traceability throughout the supply chain, being a transparent process that also minimizes the need for resources. Collecting data from the origin, associating to each container data such as collecting dates, geolocation, supplier, temperature and humidity records.

trazabilidad alimentos

Because you will have reliable and real-time inventory control

With the implementation of RFID technology, you will be able to know the exact amount of stored product at any time, with specific product characteristics for specific clients, anticipating product needs with real-time data.

kiwanda inventory

And because of many more reasons…

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