Healthcare is in a process of continuous transformation, for both the healthcare professional, as well as for the patient and his environment. We develop technology for them, to allow them to improve their life quality. Patient traceability, drugs control and asset management in hospitals.

The most powerful measure we can implement first is to start measuring results.

Christina R. Åkerman
Presidente, International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM)
Resumen de Harvard Business Review
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One of the many challenges for hospitals is to ensure that the medication trays are always properly stocked and that no medication is set to expire. This manual process can take between 25 and 30 minutes to accomplish and requires double verification by the pharmacy technicians to ensure the product is the correct one. With the manual method of inspecting trays,
about 20% of medication kits can:

  • have expired medication;
  • contain the wrong drug;
  • have a specific missing medication.

With the implementation of RFID technology, replenishment of medication trays can be reduced from 25/30 minutes to less than 60 seconds per tray and inventory accuracy increased to over 99.5%.

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Medication management is only one of the many areas for improvement: patient traceability, asset management (instrumentation, furniture …) or operating room management are other areas of the hospital where improvement is notable.

“The implementation of RFID technology can save up to 250.000 € in a medium sized hospital”
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